Recommend us and get discounts

Our Parent Recommendations program allows you to collect discounts by recommending our service to other parents. For every successfully enrolled parent that paid their first term on installment, you get 10% off. That means you are able to collect discounts and even get a free term by simply recommending our school to other parents. 

Simply, share your code with parents and recommend us to them. If they successfully enrol their chid, you get 10% discount. If another parent enrols their child as well with your code – you get 10% more, that is already 20% off your next term!

Your recommendation code is:

How does it work?

Step 1: Share your code

Simply share your code with other parents and recommend Olive Tree for their children. Yours is:

Step 2: They enrol

Your family and friend enters the recommendation code when completing the enrollment of their child.

Step 3: You both get a discount

Once they make their first payment, they get 10% discount off their first payment, and you get 10% discount on your next term's fee.

Step 4: Accumulate fee discounts

All your discounts adds up as you get to 10% from each and every referral. 1 child = 10% discount, so 5 children = 50% discount of your next term's fee.

what are you waiting for?

Start sharing your code today and collect your discounts for every successful enrolment. JazakaAllah Khayr for helping and supporting us to spread kids online Islamic education in our community. May Allah accept your efforts as sadaqa jariya.

Your recommendation code is: