Frequently asked questions

We know when it comes to your child, you’ll have loads of questions on the ways they’ll learn, what times they’ll learn and all the other things in between. Please have a look below for the answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, then please contact us at ​ where we will be happy to help.

We teach 3 subjects:

●  Memorisation – the memorising of the Quran.

●  Reading – how to read the Quran correctly with the right pronunciation and Tajweed

●  Islamic Studies with Quranic Arabic – A range of topics in our religion such as Prayer,

Ramadan, the prophets, Duaa’s and the meanings and stories of the Quran.

All our lessons are 1 hour long. We believe this gives our teachers enough time to catch up at the start of the lesson with all their students, teach the new concept, review each child’s progress from the previous week and set them new targets for the following week. Our teachers are great at keeping all our students engaged too!

The main differences between our learning packages is the number of lessons you’d like and the days you’d like your child to learn on. We have a learning package for all children, no matter their schedule. We have the option of learning all of the subjects mentioned above, or just Memorisation and Reading if you’d prefer to focus on just learning to read and recite the Quran. We also have the option for your child to learn on different evenings over the course of the weekdays, or on either day of the weekend.

We have our own unique platform which acts as your child’s ‘student portal’. We have loads of functionality on our dashboard including on-hand tech support with any technical issues you may face, a noticeboard for all general announcements, all the live lesson recordings for if your child cannot attend one of their lessons or would like further revision, progress updates, certificates and loads more! Each specific lesson is taught over Zoom, where your child’s timetable lists the joining link to use for each class. Simply paste that link into your browser and join the lesson at the specified time where your teacher awaits!

Once you have registered with us, you are provided with a unique user login to our learning platform. Once logged in, select your child’s ‘Timetable’ and you will be able to see the classes they should be attending, along with the days, times and joining links.

We understand that even in the physical classroom, it’s really hard for children to stay engaged for the entirety of the lesson – that’s what being a child is all about! Alhamdulilah, we’ve come up with intuitive ways to ensure our teachers are trained to know when that happens and how to bring a child’s attention back to learning again by refreshing the objective of the lesson and getting everyone talking again!

We’ve tried and tested our lesson lengths in our branches and on our Online School. After a review of our lesson lengths, we’re confident 50 minutes to 1 hour lessons means your child is getting the most out of their time, is able to form strong relationships with their teachers and other students and are able to progress solidly each week.

Yes, every week their Memorisation and Reading teacher’s will set homework to learn/revise for the following week. Your child will then be tested on that homework before being given new homework. Our teachers keep logs of what homework they’ve given and score the homework out of a mark of 10. If in the unlikely case we notice your child isn’t making progress or isn’t doing the set homework, we’ll be in touch to work out a progress plan that works for you and your child.

We operate on a termly basis. There are three terms, the Winter term, the Spring term and the Summer term. Each term differs in length and this therefore means your total cost for each term will differ. The Winter term is 14 weeks, the Spring term is 12 weeks and the Summer term is 14 weeks. There will be nine payments due per year.

You have the option to either pay for the cost of one full term upfront, or the cost of the term spread over three monthly instalments. Payments are made through your Olive Tree Online dashboard which you receive access to following registration. Make your way to the ‘Payments’ tab on your dashboard and fill in the card details of the card you’d like to make payments from. We’ll collect your payments from those details. Because our subscription is not set up on your account as a direct debit, it is imperative that if there are any changes to the card details you provided upon registration, that we are informed as soon as possible to ensure there are no complications to your payment schedules. For your peace of mind, we’d like to make clear we do not save your card data, all your information regarding payments is safely stored in our encrypted database ‘Stripe’. ​Click here to login to your dashboard​.

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